We are the initiative takers among the creatives.

We don’t wait until something happens, we take action. Initiative. In everything that interests, fascinates, excites and drives us. We work on contracts for our clients. But also on our own initiative, if we are so convinced of an idea that we simply must try it out.


We do not have a design style. Only one design objective: to the point. Differentiate brands to create identity. So that people will recognise a brand. Love it. Defend it. Carry it further. With conviction.


It is our job to give the brand this strength to create emotionally moving moments. We are obsessive about quality. In every respect and in all project phases. From the development of an idea to its implementation. We explore the limits of feasibility in every project. With creativity and intuition. With expertise. Efficiency. And perseverance.


For our customers, this means: it is going to be tough.